Focus on results

Each year the management team reviews the 3 - 5 year strategy, sets annual targets and agrees...

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Performance versus culture: A balancing act

© Tang90246 | I recently facilitated a meeting at which a passionate CEO expressed concern that business culture was slipping. The other participants were GMs under pressure to deliver stretch targets. One asked the question: ‘What do you want, results...

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Engaging and motivating employees: an under leveraged tool

© Stuart Miles | Paul Leinwant in a recent publication on excelling at strategy and execution, reported that only 8% of leaders are effective at both (HBR Nov 2017). He points out that engaging and motivating employees is a hugely undervalued tool. In...

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Find and use your talent well!

© Stuart Miles | What percentage of people in organisations do you think are under-utilised? Whilst you may not know the exact percentage, you probably sense the number is quite high. Optimising capability Capability is optimised when the level of...

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Senior Manager

“Our Operational Performance improved from being the ‘poor performers’ to ‘leaders’ in our global business. We delivered continuous improvement in quality, service delivery and cost results over an 18 month period and built a winning culture. This message was conveyed to us by the CEO – Global Operations”