Case Studies

The following are examples of projects that we have undertaken


Delivering strategic priorities

A large Port Authority was concerned that strategic projects were not being delivered fast enough to meet contracted deadlines. The cause was poor project communication and execution. The solution was to implement the FAST process and enabling system that improved project delivery by 40%


Increase shareholder returns

Shareholder returns had been impacted by poor execution of strategic projects.  A multi-national organisation identified execution of strategic projects as a priority and are using the FAST process to deliver seven focus areas, engaging the total business.  The key success to date is aligning and obtaining staff commitment to participate in improvement initiatives where current operational pressures driven by current growth are a reality.


Insufficient business growth

A multi-national organisation planned to enter a new market and improve current performance.  The FAST process is delivering product innovation whilst continuously improving current operational performance.  Four level specific initiatives are currently underway with each work level making a unique value adding contribution.  The key success to date is seeing our technology managing the complexity of all tasks currently underway, monitoring KPI progress and delivering skills on a just-in-time basis.


Implementing Continuous Improvement Projects

A large Manufacturing Organisation was unable to deliver the identified continuous improvement projects. The cause was that supervisors who acted as Project leaders, had received little or no formal training in Project Management. A Workshop approach was used to facilitate project implementation and project performance lifted. A Workflow System was implemented that accelerated delivery and simplified the scheduling of actions.


Building High Performance Teams

A medium sized Construction Company had difficulty in completing a range of projects to the required quality and on time. The cause was that project work teams did not operate effectively. The solution was to create high performance teams. This was achieved by establishing clear expectations and providing a sense of ownership. Over a 12 month period, different aspects of team performance was significantly improved and overall performance lifted.


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