Build FAST capability and skills

FAST analysis

We establish the FAST process, conduct an analysis to assist in identifying priorities and design scorecards.

FAST processes

We provide improvement processes that support and accelerate delivery of focus area solutions.

Fast projects

We create quarterly challenges, scope fast projects and support delivery using online tools to lift momentum.

FAST skills

We identify needs based skills to deliver projects and ensure they are made available just-in-time to promote flow.

FAST tools

We offer a range of enabling tools and technology to simplify improvement and accelerate the delivery of projects.

Culture and People

We measure culture change using annual surveys, recruit the right capability and on board to sustain improvement.



“We have doubled our throughput over the past two years. Our strategy focused on setting challenges, building staff capability and promoting the concept of flow”


Plant Manager

“We have set in place quarterly challenges and are successfully implementing focus areas.  We have noticed a change in the workplace culture as staff members are actively participating in projects and starting to see the benefits of skills training.”