Build FAST capability

High performing plan

We facilitate the development of a high performing plan, including identifying focus areas and designing a scorecard.

Value adding structure

We conduct a Levels of Work review to development a value adding structure and build improvement processes.

Capability and skills

We ensure capability matches challenges, build sequential skills and offer staff the opportunity to earn National Qualifications.



We provide level specific coaching to lift below target performance, increase confidence and improve staff well-being.


We make available on-line technology to simplify, build capability and accelerate delivery of actions.


We create value adding structures, provide recruitment services, ensure capability matches challenges and measure culture.



“We have doubled our throughput over the past two years. Our strategy focused on setting challenges, building staff capability and promoting the concept of flow”


Plant Manager

“We have set in place quarterly challenges and are successfully implementing focus areas.  We have noticed a change in the workplace culture as staff members are actively participating in projects and starting to see the benefits of skills training.”