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Paul Leinwant in a recent publication on excelling at strategy and execution, reported that only 8% of leaders are effective at both (HBR Nov 2017). He points out that engaging and motivating employees is a hugely undervalued tool. In his research, only 28% of employees felt connected to the strategy.

The following suggestions were provided:

  • Clearly understand the strategy and what it takes to be successful
  • Build key capabilities and skills to win with the strategy
  • Motivate employees every day and ensure they understand the strategy link
  • Continually challenge the organisation to improve and recognise success

One of the challenges that managers face in empowering teams is aligning the strategy through each work level. Setting level specific challenges is critical in ensuring alignment and tasking teams with relevant work. A levels of work framework is a useful tool to ensure each work level is assigned a value adding challenge. It will resolve a common problem namely depressed work levels.

Levels of work can be lifted by setting the right challenge. This will optimise capability and in turn, lift performance.