The FAST system: Building a high-performing culture 🚀

FAST is a performance improvement system that lifts business results faster and builds a high-performing culture. It increases the financial value of selected initiatives by 40%. FAST = Align + Agile + Lean. Align integrates people into the process, equips them for success, and builds their commitment. Simplicity, flow, and learning achieve maximum results.

The FAST principles:

Apply these at each work level to achieve alignment.

Results 📈: Clarify the desired outcomes and paint a picture of success.

Process ⚙️: Provide a simple set of improvement steps that are consistently repeated.

Skills 🛠️: Build sequential skills to promote learning and increase capability.

Tools 🧰: Measure performance regularly to assess progress and build commitment.

For most organizations, gaps will be found at each work level in one or more of the above. Lack of alignment results in a 40% opportunity loss, increases firefighting, and creates additional stress.

The FAST system:

The challenge is to apply these principles easily, quickly and have more fun.

Focus 🔍: Establish a 120-day performance improvement cycle that reviews, refines, identifies what is important, and establishes focus area goals.

Align 🤝: Create level-specific focus area projects, set expectations, and equip Lead project teams for success.

Steady flow 🔄: Set project teams’ monthly targets, schedule tasks, build skills, deliver a series of fortnightly sprints, and embed change.

Track 📊: Monitor results, provide reports to adjust, improve decision making, promote learning, and recognize success.

The outcome:

– Fewer high-value projects

– Project leaders and teams equipped for success

– More learning and increased commitment

– Capability developing to deliver more complex challenges

– Value delivered faster and increased morale

In the next post, I will explain how the FAST team is implemented across various work levels! Stay tuned.

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