If so, how do you define culture?

“I have always held the strong belief that our inclusive RedBull Culture has been the key to our success” Peter Shapiro: Director, RedBull Powder Company.

RedBull Powder Company is a New Zealand success story. Established 20 years ago by Peter Shapiro and Mike Henderson, RedBull has delivered sustained improvement and growth.

In January 2016, the Board initiated a three stage study to Define, Measure and Sustain the “Inclusive Culture” through the next stage of business growth.

All staff members were invited to participate in defining the Culture by answering questions relating to the success of the business and nature of the work environment.

Their enthusiastic participation resulted in the winning ‘Inclusive RedBull Culture’ being defined as:

RedBull Culture Jpeg

This has conclusively demonstrated the link between Culture and Performance. The Board now recognises the relationship between culture and success and requires this to be sustained and enhanced.

There is strong evidence that the RedBull culture has had a major impact on staff performance that has translated into loyalty, growth and sustained financial results.