Strategy failure – inadequate resourcing

A survey by Michael Mankins identified the following breakdown of key problem areas related to strategy failure: Inadequate resourcing 7.5%;  Poorly communicated strategy 5.2%;  Actions required to execute not clearly defined 4.5%;  Culture or silos blocking execution...

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It’s hard to believe!

Earlier this year, the London Business School reported 70% (!) of strategy fails to deliver and the trend has been constant over the past 25 years! It’s hard to believe that an opportunity of this magnitude has not been seized. Surely, execution of strategy cannot be...

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I don’t have time!

A common response to any proposed change at work! This is a major issue that impacts significantly on productivity improvement initiatives. This is usually due to day-to-day work pressures, constant deadlines and organisational pressure. The consequence of not...

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Making people feel valued – Where do you start?

  If your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers” – Sybil F. Stershic, Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care. Few people would argue with the sentiment expressed in the above quote.   The problem is not in the...

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Lean initiatives – How do you sustain momentum?

A major concern expressed is the inability of Lean initiatives to be sustained. The typical scenario is Lean is initiated, significant benefits are derived, then follows a slow decline in results and enthusiasm. Why does this happen?! The root cause is the failure to...

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Is Culture a key driver of Performance?

If so, how do you define culture? “I have always held the strong belief that our inclusive RedBull Culture has been the key to our success” Peter Shapiro: Director, RedBull Powder Company. RedBull Powder Company is a New Zealand success story. Established 20 years ago...

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Senior Manager

“Our Operational Performance improved from being the ‘poor performers’ to ‘leaders’ in our global business. We delivered continuous improvement in quality, service delivery and cost results over an 18 month period and built a winning culture. This message was conveyed to us by the CEO – Global Operations”